Chamber Music

The Chamber Music Program at the Suzuki Music School of Lincoln Park allows more advanced students the opportunity to rehearse and perform in small ensembles.

Musical experience is enhanced and more fun when playing with others. The types of ensembles (trios, quartets, etc.) depend on the number of students and types of instruments involved at any given time. Chamber classes meet on Saturday mornings and are coached by our experienced teaching staff. 


Ensembles will have the opportunity to perform at our school recitals and other special events. It is suggested that interested students are around ten years or older, have strong note reading skills, and are in Suzuki Book 3 or higher for all piano and string instruments.
The cost is $20.00 per rehearsal. The number of rehearsals depends on when the students start rehearsing and how long they participate. Students can join anytime during the year as openings become available.