Suzuki Method

The Suzuki Music School of Lincoln Park offers a success-oriented, step-by-step approach to learning a musical instrument through the Suzuki method.

Our school offers instruction in cello, violin and piano starting at age 4 1/2. Private lessons are available throughout the week, based on the schedules of our teachers. Lessons range from twenty minutes to one hour in length, depending upon the age and level of the student. Group classes are an important part of the Suzuki method and we are pleased to offer them on a regular basis. Every student in our program is expected to take both a private lesson and a group class each week.

Here are some of the basic ideas of the Suzuki philosophy:

  • Children begin lessons at an early age and learn to play by ear.
  • At lease one parent is involved by attending each lesson and practicing daily with the child at home.
  • Parents play the Suzuki recordings at home each day. Listening develops the ear and helps the child progress more easily.
  • Working in small steps with lots of repetition builds the child’s confidence as well as their ability.
  • Taking group classes in addition to private lessons, as well as attending concerts, helps to motivate the child.

Parent Orientation

Thank you for your interest in lessons at our school. We consider this to be a long term journey. Please be ready for the wonderful ride! Participating in Suzuki lessons with your child requires the following commitments:

  • Attendance at all private lessons with your child. (Siblings may not attend lessons.)
  • Daily practice with your child at home. (Families taking piano lessons must have an acoustic piano in their home.)
  • A willingness to turn on the Suzuki recording everyday.
  • Group lessons are required as part of our program, once your teacher feels your child is ready. Group classes take place every week. You or another adult may bring your child.
  • Regular participation in Suzuki Music School special events and recitals.
  • A positive attitude and enthusiasm that can be modeled by your child.

Prior to beginning lessons with your child, parents are asked to complete the following:

  • Read “Nurtured By Love” by Dr. Sinichi Suzuki.
    (Available at your local library or for purchase at Young Musician, Inc.)
  • Attend two parent orientation classes (adults only). 
  • Observe a private lesson (or two, depending on the teacher). Observations are arranged with the teacher directly.

Suzuki Private Lesson Fees 2017 – 2018

  • 20 minutes (beginners only) $29.50
  • 30 minutes $44.00
  • 45 minutes $63.00
  • 60 minutes $79.00

Group class fees are additional and vary according to the length of the group. All students eventually take both a private and group lesson each week. There is a $20.00 registration fee per family each session. Tuition fees do not include instrument rental, Suzuki books or CDs. Fees are subject to change without notice.

If you are interested in lessons please call or email us to find out about availability.